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The European kyudo Gathering in Bourges is approaching and we are now providing you with the following practical information.

  • Accommodation: we are pleased to confirm that all requests for accommodation at the CREPS have been honoured. We would like to remind you that although bed linen is provided, you must bring your own towels.

  • Hydration: the water in the CREPS is perfectly drinkable, as everywhere in France. Please be self-sufficient when it comes to hydrating yourself, bring your own bottles.

  • Drinks: the CREPS is a sports establishment for young people, the consumption of alcohol is forbidden.

  • Note-taking: bring your own notebooks and pencils, do not exchange them with other students.

  • COVID access conditions: the federal doctors require the presentation of a PCR or antigenic test result less than 72 hours old at the time of the first registration. We will only carry out a visual check of your paper certificate or mobile app, no result will be recorded by name in any form whatsoever. The nearest pharmacy to the CREPS is the Pharmacie de Paris, located at 120 Avenue du Général Charles de Gaulle, Bourges, for the antigenic tests which can be done in 15 minutes at no charge. A doctor on staff will be available for questions and advice.

  • Kyudo practice in COVID mode: detailed instructions for the seminars and taikai will be communicated to you at registration and must be respected carefully throughout your presence at the CREPS. Please be aware in advance that masks can be removed during the shooting.

  • Need of PCR test for the return: if you need to carry out a PCR test in Bourges for the return to your home country, we can help but inform us as early as possible by email with the following details : name, birth date (we have both from the registration file) but also your mobile phone number as well as the expected date of the test (not possible on Sunday)

  • Kyudo equipment sales: we confirm the presence of Kyudopfeile ( ) and Chantik ( ). Do not hesitate to contact them in advance to place an order!

  • Bus line: line B serves the CREPS from Bourges station. Many taxis are also available. If you inform us in advance of your arrival time at the station we may be able to organize a shuttle service, but not fully guaranteed. Please hop on a bus or a taxi if you don't see us at the station.

We look forward to welcoming you in Bourges very soon,
The organising team

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Seminar 1 (mudan to nidan) : 29 and 30 June 2021

Taikai EKF individual  : 1 July 2021

Taikai by EKF  teams: 2 July 2021

Seminar 2 : (sandan and above): 3 and 4 July 2021

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General information 

Download the general informations according to your seminar and taikai

Accomodation outside of the CREPS

Download the information (edited at the 30th march)


CREPS Centre – Val de Loire
48 avenue du Maréchal Juin
18000 Bourges


At the time of issuing this invitation in early April, the health situation in Europe at the end of June cannot be anticipated in any way. However, the Organising Committee can assure that i​n case of cancellation, the payments already made will be refunded in full. If the event takes place, all arrangements will be made to ensure optimal sanitary conditions at the venue.

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Coordination : Jean-François Decatra
Seminar / taikai : Claude Luzet

Logistics : David Haddad 

Local support in Bourges : Bill Kleinsmith and Dominique Kleinsmith 

Registrations : Marie-Jeanne Boyon et Jean-Michel Lafitte

Communication : Céline Martinet and Laurent Pirard 

Advise : Naeko Ohta 

In charge of taikai for EKF : Ray Dolphin

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